Scented miniature rose cushion

20% goes to the neonatal unit of St George's Hospital, Tooting.

Perfect for Mothers' day!

I designed this miniature, delicately scented cushion in honour of my niece, Molly Rose, who was born on 7 October, 2016.

Fifteen hours after Molly Rose was born my sister Natasha turned round to find that she had stopped breathing and had already gone blue and floppy. The staff at St George’s were amazing; in full emergency mode they managed to get her breathing again and saved her life. Over the next few weeks she was in and out of the High Dependency Unit, until they could solve the mystery of why she kept choking and passing out. It turned out to be incredibly bad reflux! Molly Rose is now thriving and very happy at home.
The rose bird on the cushion is a hummingbird, as hummingbirds are tiny, yet have huge strength and perseverance, just like our little Molly Rose.

A miniature soft linen cotton mix cushion, printed with Anna's original pen and ink painting of a rose hummingbird. The back is 55% linen 45% cotton in cool oatmeal. Perfect placed on a bed to delicately scent it. 

15cm x 15cm approx.

Filled with dried lavender, with a few drops of pure rose essential oil and soft synthetic fibre.


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