Upcycling and restoring old tired or useless furniture is a wonderful way to add history and texture to a home, in fact it can be the key element which transforms a house into a home. Below are some before and after photos of pieces I have restored or transformed for various clients.

Come to my new Upcycling course at Chelsea College of Arts!

I am also about to launch a short course on Upcyling at Chelsea College of Arts, one of the world's most prestigious art and design schools and part of University of the Arts, London. This exciting new course is primarily about practical skills, ideas and inspiration for creating pieces with a range of contemporary looks. It will introduce you to the concept of upcycling with a mix of hands-on sessions, lectures and an external visit to an upcycling workshop in London. There will be a particular focus on how you can upcycle and update furniture in your own home or for a client, with additional tips on how to commission a unique upcycled piece.
The first course will be 2nd - 3rd December 2014

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