Urban Fall in Winter

An archival print created with rich pigment ink on a beautiful acid free watercolour paper, Hahnemuhle William Turner 310gsm rag.

Originally inspired by fallen autumn leaves outside Anna's Camberwell house, the original Urban Fall painting developed over 7 years and Anna finally finished it in 2013. Through it she explores the beauty in the leaves past their prime, ageing and yet more colourful. Layers have been added, then rubbed away, a more luminous ink added, some washed in white and the process continues until layers and layers of history, colour, lines and wear create a whole that is perhaps more beautiful than a single perfect young leaf.

Urban Fall in Autumn is part four of 4 seasonal prints created from the original painting and recolourised to reflect the freshness and burgeoning life of spring emerging from the ravages of winter.


Limited to an edition of 100.

Available in three sizes

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery as your print will be made to order. 

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