Colour for interior design

Colour for Interior Design

Next dates at Chelsea College of Arts

10th & 11th April 2017
29th & 30th June 2017

Colour probably has more magical properties than you realise! On this course you will learn how colour can be used to manipulate the perceived dimensions of space, psychologically influence another person and create colour illusions through juxtaposition. This very practical course will guide you through the processes of mixing colour to your exact requirements and develop a colour palette for use in interiors. You will learn about the history of colour, as well as the individual properties of particular colours and how this can affect the way you use them. You will be introduced to the technical terms associated with colour specification and the five basic colour schemes that designers use and why.
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Why take courses at Chelsea College of Arts?

When I decided to leave my corporate career in 2010 for a more creative life I spent a lot of time researching what I thought would be the right courses for me. In the end I chose the Interior Decoration courses at Chelsea College of Arts, because they had an extra creative edge being part of a prestigious art school, had a good variety of course structures to suit my constantly changing life and were excellent value for money. I also valued the fact that all the tutors were practising career professionals. Having completed courses at Chelsea myself and then launched a successful design career I feel I can bring a real understanding and experience to teaching new students and often end up answering numerous practical questions about how I've managed to change career and set up a creative business. Have a look at Chelsea's website to find out more.