Upcycling furniture

Upcycling furniture

Next dates at Chelsea College of Arts

20th & 21st March 2017
27th & 28th July 2017

This exciting course is primarily about practical skills, ideas and inspiration for creating pieces with a range of contemporary looks. It will introduce you to the concept of upcycling with a mix of hands-on sessions, lectures and an external visit to an upcycling workshop in London. There will be a particular focus on how you can upcycle and update furniture in your own home or for a client, with additional tips on how to commission a unique upcycled piece.
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Why take courses at Chelsea College of Arts?

When I decided to leave my corporate career in 2010 for a more creative life I spent a lot of time researching what I thought would be the right courses for me. In the end I chose the Interior Decoration courses at Chelsea College of Arts, because they had an extra creative edge being part of a prestigious art school, had a good variety of course structures to suit my constantly changing life and were excellent value for money. I also valued the fact that all the tutors were practising career professionals. Having completed courses at Chelsea myself and then launched a successful design career I feel I can bring a real understanding and experience to teaching new students and often end up answering numerous practical questions about how I've managed to change career and set up a creative business. Have a look at Chelsea's website to find out more.