Zig Zag Coco Rose


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This is the first wallpaper in a range designed by Anna for her own home. She hand painted the original design on her bathroom wall, which caused a sensation on Instagram. So many people asked her where she had got her 'wallpaper' from, that she decided to actually produce it as wallpaper!

These images are of the original hand painted wall.

Can be washed clean with water and a sponge.

Can be used in a ventilated bathroom. However, if using in a bathroom with a lot of condensation, consider giving it an extra seal with varnish.

Printed on a 180gsm matt coated unwoven paper.
Fire certified for Europe and USA – classified to BS EN 13501-1-1:2002 Class B, s1, d0.

Paste the wall application, easy to install with no soaking required. Hanging instructions included.

Each roll covers an area of 300cm high and 156cm wide, made of 3 x 300cm strips, each 52cm wide.

The repeat happens at 150cm, so you can cut each strip in half lengthways and paste the bottom half beside the top half.


Please note, we only print small batches at a time, so occasionally you may need to wait up to two weeks for your order to arrive.

Don't waste your offcuts!

If you are cropping your wallpaper for a lower ceiling height, or removing a section to fit around a window, why not think about using the offcuts to cover a piece of furniture, giving it a new lease of life? Or perhaps you could save it as wrapping paper for Christmas, or make it into bunting. There are all sorts of ways you can use it before throwing it away!