dot london here we come!

March 09, 2015 0 Comments

What to do when you are starting up a design business and you find that all the domains in your own name have already been bought up? You could choose another name of course! But I wanted to use my own name because having been around the block with various careers and already in my mid 40s I wanted to build on the name recognition I already had amongst friends and former work colleagues. 

I was at a loss and have been using www.annajacobsdesign and www.annajacobsart until the miracle of the new dotlondon domain name was launched. It was important to have simply my name in the domain, as it is a stronger brand and easier to remember. I applied immediately for during the London priority period and rather wonderfully it was allocated to me. So today I launch my new website and online shop! 

I think the .london domain name will be fantastic for aligning my business with the reputation of London as a design hub of excellence and will have a positive impact on future export to countries in which British-made and London-designed products are a mark of quality. Of course London is also where I was born and bred and now work, so the energy, grit, vibrance and spirit of London infuses my business.

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