A really pretty and uplifting colour palette that will bring the sunshine into your room all year round!  

The zesty yellows will bring the sunshine streaming into your room, while the richer ochres and burnt sienna will bring more warmth. The pinks will then set it all off beautifully, creating an atmosphere that feels welcoming and nurturing as you walk in.

Key colours

Yellows - lemon, ochre, burnt sienna

Pinks - blush, rose

How this colour pallet works in a room

North facing room - The warm yellows and pinks will counteract the colder bluer light of the North, making your room feel lighter, sunnier and more welcoming all day long.

South facing room - Use this pallet more sparingly in a South facing room, as it will already be filled with a more golden light for most of the day. Yellow is extremely reflective and can be overpowering if there's too much light shining on a large expanse of it. However, to highlight certain features, like a single wall, a piece of furniture or a feature lamp or cushion it is wonderful!