A sharp, modern palette that will bring a smile to your face.

The zesty greens and yellows give a sense of fresh spring leaves and dappled meadows, which will create a wonderfully inspiring and healing atmosphere. These are beautifully complemented by soft lilac and a more vibrant orchid, which had a sense of fun and joy.

Key colours

Greens - lime, apple, olive

Yellows - lemon

Purples - lilac, orchid

How this colour pallet works in a room

North facing room - The vibrant yellows and greens will certainly bring some sunshine into a North facing room, which has quite a cold blue light. Make sure you surround it with lots of warm greys and subtle blush pinks to keep the room warm and welcoming.

South facing room - This pallet is fantastic in a South facing room, if you want to create a really vibrant fresh feeling, as the golden south facing light will soak into the greens and make them really ping! Consider adding more grass green and lilacs to really complement the scheme.