A fresh and deeply nourishing pallet, that will envelop you in lush luxury. 

Blues and greens actively heal and soothe the mind and body. The richness of the hues in this pallet also stimulate feelings of happiness and freedom, as they reflect the key colours of nature at its most bounteous.

Key colours

Blues - turquoise, aqua, teal

Greens - grass, lime

How this colour pallet works in a room

North facing room - This pallet will work really well in a North facing room, if you want to keep it cool, but without seeming flat, as can happen with greyer blues and greens. If you need to add some warmth, notice the highlights of rose pink that come through with the peacocks and add more of this rose through accessories, additional cushions, flowers and even wall colour.

South facing room - This is a wonderful pallet for a South facing room, as it will really glow in the golden southern light, making it really fresh and vibrant.