This is an utterly joyful pallet created through the classic clash of rich orange and shocking pink

Both pink and orange are incredibly warm colours and together they play off each other to create an atmosphere of warmth and fun.

Key colours

Pinks - shocking pink, peony pink

Oranges - bright orange

How this colour pallet works in a room

North facing room - If you want to make your North facing room feel really warm and welcoming, this is the pallet to use! You'll find that even if the room usually feels dark and cold for most of the day, once you've added these colours, you'll have banished the gloom forever.

South facing room - Use this pallet to make your South facing room feel fun and joyful.  Think about contrasting it with aqua or teal blue walls and accessories to cool it down slightly, so that all that wonderful pink and orange doesn't heat up too much in the mid day sun.